Upcoming Event:

Meditation & Yoga Mega Expo, June 2016

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Our Program

  • Meditation & Yoga Workshops

    A lot of various techniques of yoga and meditation will be exposed throughout the session. You will be invited to experience each method in order that you can discover which one suits you. Such a rare opportunity you should never miss! read more
  • Satsang

    Satsang is a gathering (sangha) of seekers of truth (satya). It is a communion of hearts and meeting of minds in the realm of spirit. Normally facilitated by a spiritual mentor, it is more of a dialogue than a monologue read more
  • Ayurvedic Healing

    As opposed to popular belief, Ayurveda is more than the science of healing. It is the foundation of spirituality, in which holistic health is promoted as a means to support one in doing spiritual practices read more
  • Evening of Devotion

    Evening of Devotion includes kirtan/bhajan, music and dance performances that will put up colors to your meditative moods read more
  • Special Events

    Yoga for Kids, Yoga for Youth, and Reiki Healing are some of the event programs you may choose to attend. Also note that a unique ritual called Agnihotra and Mantra Chanting will also be part of the event. Make sure you will be present to view the feat read more


  • IBMF is a great spiritual venue for tourists. The event is meaningful and wholesome. The panel discussion session let us know different types of meditation. Later we know that those differences lead us to the same End. I like the workshop session as well; since I could taste those diverse techniques of meditation. ‘Cleansing’, one of the techniques revealed in the session, helped me feel more relax. The Night of Devotion seems to be my favorite since the athmosphere…lifting up my energy…the songs just put people in ecstacy. It’s just splendid!
    Marhento Wintolo
  • IBMF raises up your soul. Three things I got from the Festival; first, very useful information about meditation, that it sharpens your awareness; second, it was a great event since there are lots of fun; third, i was personally touched by the ‘night of devotion’…the feeling of togetherness, which apparently came from the limitless energy of love…that’s wonderful.
    Cherry Lim
  • Meditation leads to inner silence, and peace and silence are the keys to solving all your problems. Don’t look outside, look within. This International Bali Meditators’ Festival (IBMF) has always been a great source of inspiration for those who want to wake up!
    Margot Anand, author of “The Art of Everyday Ecstasy”, B’way Books Publisher
  • The Festival is good. We learn a lot about diverse cultures around the world while maintaining spiritual feelings in our hearts. Getting new friends from this event too…and it’s perfect place in Ubud to organize such spiritual events
    Nelly Mintarso
  • IBMF Enhance My Inner Peace, Creativity and Leadership.

    Dr N.W. Suriastini, Director of SuveryMETER & Director of One Earth Integral Education Foundation