The INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA was born in 2015 – and this year, on 21st June – as it is the Summer solstice – the Anand Ashram Foundation (affiliated with the United Nations) has celebrated it again in UBUD.

When I arrived, the huge Banjar pavilion in Jl Sri Wedari was full to bursting with participants from all walks of life, mixing Balinese from Kuta, Singaraja, Tabanan and foreigners even from China and France !
Yoga brings a holistic understanding of life, a philosophy that covers all aspects in its interconnections – and this is what was present in the assembly here.
About 80 foreigners attended, 170 locals, more than 60 volunteers and 70 youths from primary schools.

We had hatha yoga, meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques) set with mindful affirmations, guided by a teacher on stage.
Then at the Ashram itself there was a program with Kirtan (mantra chanting) and Satsang (discourse).

The whole commemoration was filled with simplicity and kindness, great essential qualities indeed.
Contribution was set at 200K for the whole celebration, including a book and a meal: amazing !

Please visit the ANAND KRISHNA Ashram and check its daily programs
Jl Sri Wedari Ubud
Tel WA +62 817-743-769
+62 822 3709-4865

reported by Marie Bee – French Journalist stays in Ubud.


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