Dewi Juniarti was born in Jakarta, June 23, 1966, in a ‘Minang’ family. She is currently a counselor, therapist for healing emotional blockage as well as for pasca trauma, trainer of stress management program, yoga facilitator, practitioner of reiki healing and instructor of Laughter Therapy.

She was introduced to Sufi teaching when she met Guruji Anand Krishna in a gathering in Jakarta.  From that moment she has practiced such teaching, and finally had the answer of her questions during this time. She’s also been practicing meditation and yoga for about 19 years and facilitating Yoga at Anand Krishna Centre Jakarta for many years.

In this event, she will deliver Ananda’s Integral Meditative (AIM) Yoga, a special yoga technique developed by Guruji Anand Krishna, as one of the main program on June 21.

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