Chair of ADIGIMIND (Indonesian Association of Digital Marketing)
Meditation Facilitator

Dian Martin was born in Tangerang, March 29, 1977. He has been working in the field of digital marketing as a Digital Entrepreneur since 2003. After his graduation from the Department of Electrical Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering, Trisakti University in 1995, he becomes the owner of ““, an Educational Institution that focuses on Digital Transformation. Established since 2003, it has graduated more than 133,000 students and still counting.

In 2010, he started, on of the first online learning platform in Indonesia. It is one of his efforts to create better learning infrastructure for students.

Dian Martin is the current Chair of the Indonesian Digital Marketing Association, seeking to contribute to economic growth through digital marketing educational activities carried out through each of its members’ platform.

Dian Martin is also active as a speaker at the seminar. That is the way Dian Martin shared his wealth of knowledge with the public.

Beside his passion in Digital Entrepreneurship, Dian Martin is also active in meditation & yoga activities – even among one of the first facilitators of Yoga Laughter in Indonesia and a Stress Management facilitator. He admits that meditation and yoga that he has practiced since he was an undergraduate student as one of the important elements in his success in his career.

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