Medical Doctor & Meditation Facilitator

dr. Wayan Sayoga was born in Gianyar Regency and spent his childhood in Guwang village. In 1985, he enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine in Gajah Mada University in Yogyakarta, central Java, graduating in 1992 as a General Practitioner.

During his professional career, dr. Sayoga has worked in several clinics in Jakarta, served as Head of Health Centers (Puskesmas) in Kembangsari and Kintamani until 1998, and has also managed clinics in several hotels in Kuta.

From his experience as medical professional, dr. Sayoga believes that meditation & yoga offer complete health for body, mind and soul regardless of our background. He believe that meditation & yoga could transform one’s perception thus change one’s life. He cited example of his Master, Anand Krishna, recovery from acute leukemia as the living proof of the efficacy of meditation and yoga.

Do dr. Sayoga meditate himself?
“Yes, I meditate on a daily basis because the practice leads to holistic health. I apply meditation as the foundation of my life to help me go through my day-to-day activities. Meditation is an individual experience and should be done alone. I believe that meditation should be a part of every step we take and every breath we breathe – the basis of our daily lives just like eating, sleeping, drinking and taking a bath.”

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