Jro Mangku Made Edy Suparyasa was born in a small town in Northern part of Bali 45 years ago. After he obtained his Bachelor degree from renowned university in Indonesia, he had spent several years working at his professional field as a consultant and government official.

Since he met his Guru – Swami Anand Krishna in 2003, he has decided to pursue his dream to follow a spiritual path. Through direct meetings and reading hundreds of books written by his Guru, he finally joined Anand Ashram as a full-time volunteer.

He is currently staying in Ashram Ubud, Bali and facilitating meditation practices regularly under a direct guidance of his Guru. He has been initiated becoming a priest at Pura Adi Parashakti Devi since few years ago and also conducted some workshops about Agnihotra (fire cleansing ceremony), youth empowerment, holistic health, etc. In this event, he will facilitate Emotion Culturing Meditation workshop on June 21.

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